Access and inclusion equipment

The City is a big supporter of access and inclusion, especially when it comes to being active. Due to this - to promote access, inclusion and general wellbeing for all, the Aquarena has a range of equipment that is ready for public use that assists with accessibility for those who need it. Just ask our staff and we will be able to assist with retrieving equipment.

Accessible Parking

These are three ACROD parking bays located near the front entrance of the facility. A current ACROD sticker must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle to establish eligibility to use the bays.
ACROD parking information and application forms are available at


Splash – Inclusive Aqua
Aqua fitness classes specifically designed for individuals with disabilities or special needs. The instructor will create a welcoming and supportive environment, encouraging each participant to reach their potential whilst having fun. Support workers are welcome to join the class if the person they are accompanying holds a companion card.   Intensity: Low-Medium

This is a small class for children with special needs designed to encourage students while being accompanied by a parent or companion in the water to progress through the Swim and Survive programs stages at their own pace while having fun. online enrolment forms are available at Aquarena - Swimming Lessons » 91国产自拍 (

Available Equipment

Portable Pro Pool lift.
Pelican Pool/Spa Hoist.
Aqua Wheel Chairs.
Shower Commode.
Hoist - Personal lifter.
Buoyancy Belts.

Portable Pro Pool lift

This is a maneuverable chair lift that can assist Patrons in entering and Exiting the Water.

  • Capable of being used with Every pool
  • Battery powered Lift
  • able to assist Patrons up to 136kg to enter and exit the water.
  • No anchor point needed
  • Flip up arm rests
  • Foot rests

Portable Pro Pool lift

Pelican Pool/Spa Hoist

This is a Swiveling hoist currently only usable in the Hydrotherapy pool.

  • Located in the Hydrotherapy pool compatible with regular mobility slings and reinforced Aqua wheel chairs.
  • Battery powered Hoist
  • Capable of lifting a total weight of 200kgs.
  • Electronically controlled lifting arm Capable
  • Waterproof remote so the Person in the seat can control moving up or down.

Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

Aqua Wheel Chairs

The Aquarena has two Aqua Wheel chairs that are ready for public use no staff assistance required.

  • They are lightweight and made from quality furniture grade PVC,with the strong open weave fabric allows
    passage of water assisting with mobility whilst submerged.
  • The chairs have solid tyres which never go flat and are ideal for leisure centres, hydrotherapy pools,
    showering and outdoor environments.
  • Designed for comfort, safety and practicality, and are easily and safely self-propelled.
  • The wheels are also equipped with brakes on each side for added safety.
  • The Basic model has a maximum weight load of 120Kg.
  • The Reinforced model has added strengthening frames and lifting straps, making it suitable for lifting on
    our Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist for ease of entry and exit from pools.
  • The Reinforced model has a maximum weight load of 200kg.

Aqua Wheel Chairs

Shower Commode

The Aquarena has a Aquatec shower commode to assist Carers with their Patients

  • Capable of holding up to 150kg
  • This Commode is compatible with the toilets in the facility.
  • Ease of use – Aquatec uses high quality castors meaning the Ocean chairs can be pushed with ease, improving comfort for the carer and patient.
  • The gas spring on the VIP is very powerful, so angle-adjustment is smooth and requires minimal effort through use of a lever.
  • Unprecedented adjustability -The chair all has height adjustable armrests, footrests, and overall height making the chairs comfortable and safe for both patient and carer and is adjustable to change from a sitting position to near horizontal position.
  • High Quality Rust-proof components – All metal parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Designed for use in the change room shower

Shower Commode

Hoist - Personal Lifter

The Aquarena had a Battery operated K Care Personal lifter for Carers to use with their Patients

  • capable of lifting up to 225Kg.
  • This lift has an electronically controlled lifting arm and legs capable of being operated by a single person.
  • Water resistant  remote capable of allowing the Person in the seat to control moving up or down.
  • High quality Castors allow for the unit to me pushed with easy for Carers to assist their patient.

Hoist - Personal lifter


The Aquarena has a collection of K care general purpose slings all capable of handling up to 225kg.
Size options of Small, Medium and Large available.

  • Attaches to hoist to enable a carer to lift and manoeuvre a less mobile user
  • Made from a lightweight mesh which is ideal for showering or bathing and dries quickly
  • Provides excellent back and head support for patients requiring support during transfers
  • Ideal for non weight bearing patients
  • Provides added head support during patient transfer

K Care Slings
Buoyancy Belts

The Aquarena also has a number of Buoyancy Belts on hand.
The Buoyancy Belt is a comfortable, all in one belt made from quality light weight foam.
Aiding in keeping the user upright in the water, allowing them to breathe normally while performing a range of exercises.