How to Apply

Are there any notes for applicants?

When applying for an advertised position with the City, please refer to the Candidate Information Pack. These notes will assist you in the preparation of your application and help the selection panel judge your application amongst the other applications that will be received for the position.

Am I eligible to apply?

Before you consider applying for a position with the City, please refer to the below table to assess your eligibility to apply. This table outlines the City's Migration and Visa Requirements.

Residency Status Permanent Positions Temporary Positions Information for Applicant
Australian Citizens  Yes  Yes  
Australian Permanent Residents  Yes Yes  Please provide evidence of permanent residency with your application.
New Zealand Citizens with Unrestricted Work Rights  Yes  Yes  Please provide evidence of citizenship or permanent residency with your application.
Temporary Residents with a valid Working Visa  No  Yes  Please provide evidence of residency status and work entitlements (copy of visa and passport etc.)
Temporary Residents without  a valid Working Visa  No  No  Not eligible to apply.

What is the City's Application Process?

Below is a flow chart outlining the steps taken at the City during the Application Process:

Flow Chart for Job Application Process