Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places

Part 8 of the Heritage Act 2018 requires that a local government must prepare a survey of places in its district that in its opinion are, or may become, of cultural heritage significance.  This listing is also known as the 91国产自拍 Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places (MI) and can also be referred to as a Local Heritage Survey.

The 91国产自拍 Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places (MI) acts as a record of the heritage places within the municipality, whilst also offering management guidelines for the conservation of those places listed. Each listing contains details regarding ownership, use, history, significance, and other supporting information.

Entry of a place into the MI is recognition of its importance to the community. A management category is allocated to each place depending on its level of significance, which provides recommendation for the future conservation of the place.

The MI acts as an aid to the City and to the community to easily identify and recognise the essence of their surrounding heritage.

The MI is designed to contribute to the conservation of the City’s heritage by:

  • Contributing to the management of the community’s resources and environment, and ensuring that change is managed with due regard to heritage values;
  • Contributing to community projects such as townscape, main street, heritage trails, local history, cultural & community plans;
  • Assisting in defining the community’s sense of place by identifying places that are a physical representation of cultural, aesthetic, historical, scientific and social value; and
  • Contributing to a body of reference information which will assist in determining the significance of individual places.

The 91国产自拍 Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places comprises of four parts:

To confirm whether a property is listed on the Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places, or to obtain a copy of the place record, please access the Town Planning module on the City's Intramaps Public

Municipal List of Heritage Places


  1. Go to /pay-online/online-services/intramaps-public.aspx
  2. Select IntraMaps Public
  3. Select “Town Planning”
  4. Tick next to the Municipal Heritage red house icon.
  5. Find the relevant address.
  6. Click on the red house on the relevant property.
  7. On the right hand side of the screen select the MI Heritage Place record hyperlink.

Heritage Conservation and Development Local Planning Policy

In order to provide guidance on the development and conservation of MI listed places, the City has developed the Heritage Conservation and Development Local Planning Policy

The objectives of the Local Planning Policy are:

  • To conserve and protect places of cultural heritage significance.
  • To ensure development does not adversely affect the significance of heritage places.
  • To ensure that sufficient information is provided to enable the local government to make informed decisions.
  • To ensure that heritage significance is given due weight in local planning decision making.
  • To guarantee that where a development is approved which involves the demolition of a heritage building, that development is actually constructed.
  • To provide guidelines for the placement of signage on places of heritage significance.
  • To ensure that signage is appropriately placed and designed to complement the heritage significance of the place.

In some instances, works may require the lodgement of an Archival Recording, which can be found here. 

State Heritage Register

Some places of high value are also listed on the State Heritage Register.  If you are unsure of the State Heritage status of a place, you can search the database which is administered by the State Heritage Office.

contains comprehensive information about cultural heritage places listed in the State Register of Heritage Places, the Australian Government’s heritage list, and other non-government lists and surveys.

A comprehensive explanation of the  in Western Australia has been developed by the State Heritage Office.

Find a Heritage Specialist

The State Government (Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage) provides an online directory of businesses that offer heritage services across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.  Businesses listed in inContact are not endorsed by the Heritage Council, State Heritage Office or the 91国产自拍. You should make your own assessment when selecting a business to carry out work.