Geraldton/Beachlands Heritage Area 

Under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 if a local government considers that special planning control is needed to conserve and enhance the cultural heritage significance and character of an area, they may designate it as a heritage area and set out control via a local planning policy.

The Geraldton/Beachlands Heritage Area is considered to have heritage significance because it maintains a maturity that results from the existence of many older buildings and established private landscaping and street trees.  The areas visual prominence which differentiates it from other parts of the City means it warrants special consideration in terms of the type of development that occurs within the area, in order to preserve the visual amenity that does currently exist.

The objectives of the Geraldton/Beachlands Heritage Area are:

  • To conserve and protect the cultural heritage significance of the Heritage Area.
  • To ensure that new buildings, alterations and additions can be accommodated within the Heritage Area without adversely affecting the area's significance.
  • To provide clarity to landowners and the community about the planning processes for development within the Heritage Area.
  • To preserve the amenity of the Heritage Area through the appropriate protection of street trees.

The Heritage Area is designated on the City's Local Planning Strategy.

A full copy of the Geraldton/Beachlands Heritage Area Local Planning Policy is available here.