Town Planning

Creating a high quality urban and rural environment

Town Planning is about people and the community and aims to maintain and improve our quality of life. Council takes a great deal of care in planning our community and the Town Planning team aims to create a high quality urban and rural environment. 

Catering for different tastes, needs and lifestyles

While all communities are made up of individuals with different tastes, needs and lifestyles, some values are common to all. One of the main functions of the Town Planning team is to ensure that development and land use proposals are appropriate for the area and it is important that the town planning process considers a range of factors before making any decisions. 

How the Town Planning team can help?

All land in the 91国产自拍 falls under Local Planning Scheme controls, so if you are considering erecting a building or intend using land for a purpose different to its current use please contact your Town Planning team. You may need to obtain development approval first.

Need More Information?

If you require further information, visit City's Town Planning team between 8.30am and 5pm at the Geraldton Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue, contact them on (08) 9956 6600 or alternatively email the 91国产自拍.