Million Trees

In early 2010 the City held a series of World Cafés and asked the community what they like about the place they call home, what they didn't want to lose as the City grows and what would make it an even better place to live by 2029 and Beyond.  The number one answer was to green the City region. Read the World Cafe Priorities for Action Report here

"Planting a Million Trees is in the community's hands..."

Currently, individuals, community groups and businesses have collectively planted more than 500,00 trees and shrubs and registered them towards the project.

Why plant trees?

Planting a tree is a simple way to improve how your property looks, create shade and even grow food.  However, planting a 'Million Trees' will result in significant environmental change that will green and cool the City while reducing our carbon footprint... all of which benefits current and future generations.

Have you planted any trees, shrubs, seedlings since the project began in 2011?  Make them count towards the Million Trees Project by registering them here

Make your tree count Seedlings in a grow house Moresby Range
Pkanted Tree Foreshore Community Planting Day Seedlings on the foreshore

What types of plantings can be included?

The goal of the project is to green the district. All native and non-native perennial plants (plants that live more than two years) can be registered with the project.

Some examples include:

  • Fruit or nut trees or any other tree that produces food
  • Decorative plants and trees
  • Decorative grasses and ground cover plants

*Plants such as garden vegetables or annual flowers and plants are not eligible.

Want to grow Geraldton Wax? Read more about it here

Project guidelines here

What are the project boundaries?

Trees and shrubs planted within the City and the region, which includes the Moresby Range and White Peak, can be registered with the project. Even though these two areas don't physically lie within to the 91国产自拍 boundaries, the spirit of the project is about greening the region and these two areas are part of our regional landscape.

Getting Involved

Every year the City organises a number of community and corporate tree planting days in June.  Anyone can participate. Watch the  City Events Calendar for these important dates.

Maitland Park Community Planting video

Chapman River Inclusive Tree Planting

Useful Resources

Soil Map Top 10 Trees brochure

For more information and inquiries, please contact the City on (08) 9956 6600 or email the City.