Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan

The Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020 – 2023 is an update of the Growing Greater Geraldton Growth Plan 2017.

Under the Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020 – 2023, we envisage Greater Geraldton to continue on its journey of becoming a thriving regional capital with a powerhouse economy. The local population will have increased and businesses will be delivering exceptional services and high quality produce to Western Australia, the rest of Australia and the world.

With the Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020 – 2023 (GJGP) Vision for Geraldton to be “a diverse and globally connected regional capital”, the Plan aims to drive and align regional effort and resources through collaboration.

Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020-2023

The Approach

The Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan is all about unifying the efforts of various entities to go from ‘the individual good, to the collaborative great’. It is about leadership and vision to grow the traded economy with the end goal of growing the whole economy.  It is about pushing the public and private sector and the local community to work together to drive their own success in an ever-changing economic climate. 

The strategies to achieve this have been outlined into three focus areas and five platforms for success.

Growth Engine strategies diagram

Background Documents: Research Documents, Policy and Strategies

The Midwest has a track-record of effective long-term planning leading to government investment in key assets and projects.

The links below are to research documents, policy and strategies in key areas: 

Agriculture and food

Agricultural Innovation: A National Approach to Grow Australia’s Future, (2019), Ernst and Young

Agriculture competitiveness White Paper: Stronger Farmers, Stronger Economy, (2015), Australian Government

Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages: A 21st Century Agrifood Sector, (2015), Business Council of Australia

Finding the Sweet Spot: Growing Western Australian Vegetable Exports, (2016), Royalties for Regions / Vegetables WA

High Quality Agricultural Land in the Mid West region: Stage 1- Geraldton Planning Region, (2013), Department of Agriculture and Food

Narvis: Vision for the Northern Agricultural Region of Western Australia, Website:, Northern Agricultural Catchment Council

Premium Agri-Food Market Opportunity, (2016), Department of Agriculture and Food / Royalties for Regions

Pursuing the Global Opportunities in Food And Agribusiness, (2015), Mckinsey & Company

Target Market Opportunities in Asia for Western Australian Premium Products, (2016), Department of Agriculture and Food / Royalties for Regions

Growth Plan Documents

Destination Management Plan, (2018), Market Creations

Geraldton City Centre Revitalisation Plan, (2017), TPG Place match

Greater Geraldton Expenditure Leakage, (2016), Geografia

Greater Geraldton Growth Plan: Economic Analysis Update, (2019) , Pracsys

Greater Geraldton Infrastructure Assessment report, (2016), Cardno

Growing Greater Geraldton: A Growth Plan, (2017), Progress Midwest/ Localise

Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan - 2020-2023: Growing the Capital of the Midwest (2020), Progress Midwest

Growing Greater Geraldton Investment Prospectus

Mid West Regional Blueprint, (2015), Government of Australia / Mid West Development Commission / Regional Development Australia

Perceptions of Greater Geraldton, (2016), TNS Consultants

Regional Cluster Analysis- Phase 3, (2016), Pracsys

Regional Cluster Analysis- Phase 5, (2016), Pracsys

Infrastructure and logistics

Airfreight Opportunities to and from Asia – Potential Geraldton Airport, (2018), PowerPoint Presentation by B. Davis

Australian Road Freight Estimates: 2014 Update, Australian Government: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The Economic Significance of the Australian Logistics Industry, (2014), Acil Allen Consulting

Infrastructure Audit: Evaluation of Western Australia’s Agricultural Infrastructure Priorities, (2016), Ernest and Young

Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities, (2017), Commonwealth Government: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development


Building the Lucky Country #3: Business Imperatives for a Prosperous Australia. Positioning for Prosperity. Catching the next wave, (2015), Deloitte

Creating Growth in a Flat World: How to identify quantify and capture new growth opportunities, (2016), The Economist Intelligence Unit

Geraldton: From Local to Global Regional City, (Undated), Curtin University

Local Profile and Context Report: Goal Economy, (2018), 91国产自拍

Outbound Investment, (2017), Committee for Economic Development of Australia

Regional Investment Analysis: Final Report. (2016), Ernst and Young

Western Australia; Is It All Doom and Gloom after the Boom? (2017), .id: The Population Experts

Regional Development, Planning and Environment

Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2: Background Report, Version B, (2011), Hames Sharley

Economic Development Framework: Collaboration, integration, Alignment, Advantage, (2019), WALGA

Geology of the Northern Perth Basin: Western Australia, (2005), Geological Survey of Western Australia

Geraldton Local Biodiversity Strategy, (2013), Perth Biodiversity Project

Living in the Regions: 2016 Insight Report, (2016), Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Mid West Workforce Development Plan 2015-2018, (2015), Mid West Workforce Alliance

Regional Development in Western Australia, (2016), Committee for Economic Development of Australia

The Economics of Climate Change, (2014), Committee for Economic Development of Australia

The Future of Regional Jobs, (2019), Regional Australia Institute

Small Business

Engine Room for Growth? The Roles, Performance and Future Prospects of Small Businesses in Western Australia, (2107), Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

Greater Geraldton Growth Plan: Access to Finance, (2016), Clayton and Weir Consulting


Astrotourism Western Australia: 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan, (2019) Astrotourism Western Australia

Beyond Tourism 2020, (2018) , Steering Committee Report to Government

Mid West Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2018 – 2021, (2018), Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Western Australia Strategic Trails Blueprint 2017 – 2012, (2017), Department of Sport and Recreation


Mid West Regional Water Supply Strategy: A long Term Outlook of Water Demand and Supply: Report no.3, (2015), Government of Western Australia: Department of Water

Water Availability in the Midwest, (2018) , Presentation by Darryl Abbott: Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Data resources


Tourism Research Australia
Tourism Western Australia Tourism WA is responsible for promoting Western Australia as an extraordinary holiday destination.

The most up-to-date information on international, interstate and intrastate visitor numbers to Western Australia, visitor origin and spend, as well as overseas arrivals, departures, airport and accommodation data.

Tourism Council of Western Australia

Australia's Coral Coast
Australia's Golden Outback

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