Skate Parks

The City's Skate Parks are perfect for a family to be active together and for parents to enjoy watching their children try out new tricks and generally being active. The City's Skate Parks also provide a great hub for young people to meet friends and remain active while doing something fun and challenging. Skateboard, scooter and BMX riders are all welcome, as are people of all ages. They are open for anyone to use, and a responsible adult should supervise children under 10, and users should wear safety equipment at all times. All the City's Skate Parks are unsupervised, and usage is 'At your own risk'.

Skate Parks are located in:                                                                                                                                             

  • Walkaway
  • Cape Burney
  • Glendinning Park
  • Maitland Park
  • Wonthella
  • Strathalbyn
  • Forrester Park
  • Drummond Cove
  • Mullewa

View this map to find your local Geraldton skatepark.

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Wonthella Skate Park