The 91国产自拍 is now using eQuotes to simplify the way the City seeks Quotes from Local Suppliers. eQuotes is a web based eProcurement system used by hundreds of organisations to increase transparency and compliance in quote-based purchasing from approved suppliers.

Benefits for Suppliers

The City is now using eQuotes to manage all quotations and local preferred suppliers. This includes a range of supplier relationships - from formally selected panels, to pre-qualified supplier lists and informal contractor pools.

eQuotes gives Local Suppliers an easy and consistent way to hear about contract opportunities from the City.

  • Easy to setup – just add your business details and relevant compliance documents.
  • Provides a consistent RFQ format and process.
  • Simplifies management of Compliance documents for the City.
  • Gives City staff an easy way to send out quotes, increasing the chances of you hearing about contracts.
  • Allows you to manage multiple supplier lists from one account.
  • Easily download reports on all the requests you received, with a record of what you responded to.

Supplier Categories

The eQuotes systen has two internal Supplier Categories and the Marketplace:

Tender established prequalified Panels

Panels established by a tender process will be the main method of sourcing goods and services that are frequently required and cumulatively add up to a high value. A Supplier will only be able join these panels via the tender process. Panels will have compliance prequalification requirements specific to the Panel. 

Supplier Lists established by self invitation

There are the method through which the City will seek goods and services from Suppliers for frequently required goods and services, which cumulatively are of a lower value and for which there is a benefit to have prequalified compliance requirements. The Supplier Lists are City determined supplier categories that group goods and services into relevant categories. Supplier Lists will have compliance prequalification requirements specific to that List.

The Marketplace

This is the final method through which the City shall seek goods and services. The Marketplace has no prequalification requirements and is utilised only for goods and services that do not have an established Panel or Supplier List. 

To find out more about the supplier experience view the video tutorials via .

How to register

To register on one of the City’s self- invitation supplier lists follow the appropriate link below.

If the goods/services you supply are not covered by the self-invitation supplier lists above, register on the Marketplace in the following link: