Heavy Vehicles RAV Network

A heavy vehicle is a vehicle that is restricted to use only roads within the “Permit Network” corresponding to its class. The Permit Networks are RAV Networks 1 to 10; RAV Network 1 includes all Public Roads within the State of WA except for five designated exclusions (though some usage with conditions is permitted in some cases). RAV Networks 2 to10 comprise the roads on which the corresponding classes of vehicles are permitted (subject to additional conditions in some cases).

The largest vehicles permitted on RAV Network 1 are prime movers with semi-trailers, not exceeding 19 metres length, 4.6 metres height and 2.7 metres width. The largest vehicles permitted on RAV Network 2 are B-doubles up to 27.5 metres length, 2.7 metres width and 4.6 metres height; or a prime mover with semi-trailer plus pig trailer up to 27.5 metres length, 2.7 metres width and height as given by the Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Rules 2002. RAV Networks 3 to 10 permit progressively larger vehicles.

The City works closely with Main Roads Western Australia to manage heavy vehicles operation through-out the 91国产自拍. The current Permit approved RAV roads are shown in the MRWA mapping of RAV routes map (), which also includes local Government. The 91国产自拍 requires an application to be submitted for heavy vehicle accessing the City’s roads. The City liaises with MRWA for the permit approval process.

A Restricted Access Vehicle Extra Mass Permit (ISM004) application can be downloaded from Online Forms.

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