Supplier Information

Policies relevant to suppliers and potential suppliers to the 91国产自拍 are "Procurement of Goods and Services", "Procurement via Panels of Prequalified Suppliers", "Regional Price Preference", "Disability Access and Inclusion" and "Corporate Partnerships".

These policies can be found in the Council Policy Manual

The following documents are also of relevance to suppliers and potential suppliers to the 91国产自拍.

Commercial & Ethical Terms 

91国产自拍 Conditions of Contract under Purchase Order

91国产自拍 Code of Business Ethics

91国产自拍 ICT Services - Third Party Data Security Standard

Please contact the City’s Procurement Team on for any queries regarding Tenders or Contracts.

Please contact the City's ICT Services Team on for any queries regarding the Third Party Data Security Standard. 

Work Health & Safety Documentation

91国产自拍 Operational Policy - 041 - Workplace Health and Safety

91国产自拍 HS-PLN- 039-Safety Management Plan

91国产自拍 HS-MAN-001 Contractor Safety Manual

91国产自拍 HS-FRM-034 Contractor WHS Prequalification Questionnaire

91国产自拍 Work Health & Safety Management Plans Guidance 

HS-FRM-002 Work at Height Assessment Form

HS-FRM-003 Trenching and Excavation Permit

HS-FRM-006 Confined Space Entry Permit

HS-FRM-014 Lifting Operations Checklist

HS-FRM-018 Demolition Safety Checklist

HS-FRM-024 Hot Work Permit

Please contact the City’s Work Health & Safety team on for any queries regarding work health & safety.