Innovation and Technology

Geraldton and the Mid West region host a range of state-of-the-art scientific and technological projects and there will inevitably be more investment within this area. Technologically advanced renewable energy projects are slated as a means to harness solar wind resources.

Technology SKA

National Broadband Network

The (NBN) is an Australian Government initiative to deliver high speed broadband to all Australians. Geraldton has been chosen by Federal Government as a site for the early roll out of the NBN, bringing speeds of 100 Mbps and up to 1Gbps. 11 March 2011 marked the completion of the Perth to Geraldton fibre backbone link, imperative to deliver improved broadband services within the Mid West.

Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder

The (ASKAP) is a next-generation radio telescope based at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, approximately 315km North East of Geraldton. ASKAP, being constructed by CSIRO, will be a world-leading telescope in its own right, however also plays a role in Australia’s bid to become the host site for the Square Kilometre Array.

Square Kilometre Array

The (SKA) will be a revolutionary international radio telescope for the 21st Century. The total collecting area will be approximately one square kilometre giving 50 times the sensitivity, and 10,000 times the survey speed, of the best current-day telescopes. With receptors extending out to distances of 3,000 km from the centre of the telescope, the SKA will address fundamental unanswered questions about our Universe including how the first stars and galaxies formed after the Big Bang, how galaxies have evolved since then, the role of magnetism in the cosmos, the nature of gravity, and the search for life beyond Earth. More than 70 institutes in 20 countries, together with industry partners, are participating in the scientific and technical design of the SKA telescope which will be located in either Australia – New Zealand or Southern Africa extending to the Indian Ocean Islands. Source:

Australasian Square Kilometre Array Industry Consortium

The City is a member of the Australasian Square Kilometre Array Industry Consortium, in support of the bid to host the Square Kilometre Array at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory.

Geraldton Technology Park

The Geraldton Airport Technology Park (GATP) development is of substantial regional significance. Expanding over 60 acres the area will form a strategic hub for the Mid West region providing a range of aviation and non-aviation services and employment opportunities. The Geraldton Airport Technology Park will be more sustainable than developments from the previous era, designed in an environmentally responsible way.

Located in Western Australia, 12 kilometres from the 91国产自拍 and 424 kilometres north of Perth, the GATP has been developed to enhance opportunities within the region.

The facility is well connected by main roads to the Geraldton CBD and is situated next to the Geraldton Airport. The entire site is fully serviced with high speed fibre optic connectivity, making it an ideal spot for business operations.

Transport, Logistics & Service Hub


located 12km east of the CBD, the Geraldton airport is a security鈥慶ontrolled and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified aerodrome. It has runway, taxiway and apron infrastructure capacity for A320/B737 operations and is serviced with multiple daily regular public transport (RPT) services.

Since the re-entry of a second airline into Geraldton, passenger movements have increased consistently to around 130,000 / annum in each of the last three years (up nearly 25-30% since 2010-11). The terminal is currently operating at its practical limits in terms of capacity of its passenger and baggage security screening facilities and sterile departures lounge.

There are a number of private charter operators based in the Mid West that provide FIFO charter services to inland mine sites and support the Abrolhos fishing and regional tourism industries.


The boasts a growing sea port, expanding to cope with rapid growth in commodity export trade – and already the largest wheat export port in the State.

The Geraldton port has achieved its eighth consecutive annual export record in 2013-14 (18.5 million tonnes) and is nearing its current physical import / export capacity (around 20mtpa).

Until the proposed deepwater port at Oakajee is developed, the ability to export products via the Geraldton port will be essential for unlocking some of the potentially stranded Mid West mineral deposits. In addition the development of new or other existing industries may also be dependent upon importing/exporting through a nearby port. Increasing the capacity of the Geraldton port is therefore likely to be critical for region’s economic growth and development in the short to medium term.


Only 315km from the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, Geraldton is not only situated to be substantially involved in a number of international level astronomy projects, but can also benefit from non-astronomy spin-offs of a number of projects.