Street Lighting

The City is responsible for providing street lighting. This includes the location, brightness and number of street lights in our area along with the cost of new street lights and paying for the energy use.

Lighting infrastructure is provided by Western Power who installs and maintains streetlights on behalf of most local councils.

Highway and main arterial road lighting is installed and maintained by Main Roads Western Australia.

Image: Foreshore street light owned by the City

Street light

Report a faulty streetlight

If a streetlight doesn’t turn on, turn off, flickers or has been vandalised, contact Western Power on 13 13 51 or complete an online Western Power map and form.

If the street light you wish to report is not visible on the map it may be the responsibility of Main Roads or the City. Main Roads can be contacted at 13 81 38 and the City on (08) 9956 6600.

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